March 31st, 2010

Heart Attacks and Diabetes to Double in China Over the Next Few Years…

Let’s face it. The only people who really benefit from having more fast food restaurants in the world are the stock holders. Or the lazy parents who’d rather put toxic faux-food in their kid’s bodies than fix some real food. And no, Hamburger Helper is not real food! A Happy Meal served by a creepy clown with red hair may taste great and have a nice toy. But do you really want to be the reason your child loses 10-30 years of their lifespan? It adds up, and it becomes a normal eating pattern. Real food can taste just as good and have none of the side effects. Why not put some thought into what you eat for once?

SHANGHAI — U.S. fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp. plans to nearly double its presence in the world’s fastest developing economy over the next few years, senior officials from the company said Tuesday after they launched the first McDonald’s Hamburger University in China.

McDonald’s outlined its ambitious China plans at a time when relations between foreign businesses and Beijing are souring, with a growing number of Western companies complaining of a deteriorating operating environment in the country.


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