November 24th, 2012

Organic Raw Kombucha


I was perusing through my local Safeway, or Vons as it’s known elsewhere, and started scanning the “nutritional drinks” section. I’m not usually big on these kinds of drinks because I personally think you get the best results by juicing produce and consuming it immediately. But this particular series of drinks caught my eye because it’s “living food” in drink format. In other words, it’s kind of like a mostly non-alcoholic version of lemonade yogurt in wine format. Which sounds insane. I can’t really describe the taste because I’ve never had anything quite like it. This particular “multi-green” bottle is a green liquid that scared me at first. But it kind of tastes like a hearty woody unsweetened Snapple. It has a nice acid to it. I want to say it has an aftertaste similar to potato chips, which probably makes no sense at all. It says on the bottle DO NOT SHAKE. I’m assuming this is to keep the “cultures” from breaking up. It contains a bunch of interesting and healthy ingredients like blue-green algae, so I wanted to try this.

The flavor, though I wouldn’t say it’s in the same category as a soda, is much better than I expected. I also grabbed a bottle of the cranberry version. (Haven’t tried it yet.) So if you’re feeling a little under the weather, want to maximize health or want a healthy substitute for a soda, you might try one of these. I think it was around $3 a bottle. Not cheap, but I’ve seen “health drinks” cost 2-3 times this in the same section. You’ll find these with the refrigerated drinks, usually next to the produce section of your grocery store.

This drink came about because the owner’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was a frequent drinker of “Kombucha.” Click here to read her story.

For more information and to locate a store with this tonic, click here.



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