November 18th, 2012

Large Art Giclees by Terry Aley


I’ve been working on a collection of giclée canvas art reproductions to sell in my online store. Finding the right company to produce these has taken me several weeks of research. I was struggling between using a company who really inexpensive/cheap, but with horrible customer service. Another company with “ok” customer service, a good product and good prices. And another company with a great product, great customer service and higher pricing. I finally decided on the higher priced company, even though that would make my giclées more expensive than many other artists. I figured, I’d rather have someone who isn’t too concerned about the price, who wants something unique and also wants good quality. There’s is a lot of great art out there, original and giclée, in every price range. You can pick through the home decor section of Target/Ross/Marshalls and find something affordable that looks great in any home. That’s a different market than what I’m targeting.

My goal is to eventually have several hundred or more giclée designs available. Since I create a wide range of styles, there would be something available for any taste. Most of the pieces are designed at larger scale, so 30″x40″ all the way up to “monster size” at 55″x115″ (about 4.5 feet by 9.5 feet). I wanted these to all be on high quality 1.5″ wooden stretcher boards, and arrive fully assembled. So all you have to do is unpack and hang on the wall. Offering giclées means I can also produce multiples of any design (hotels and chains might like this option).

These are reproduced on 19 mil canvas (poly/cotton blend) with a glossy finish that I would describe as a sheen. “Matte” finish is also available by special request. The image extends over the sides. Framing is always good, but not required for this style of art.

One other benefit to “digital” art is that I can often resize these. So if a person loves a giclée in 30×40″ but wants it in 40×60″, it’s fairly easily to rescale and adjust to fit.

I’m posting some photos from the giclée series below. I’m constantly adding new pieces to the store each week, so it will continue to expand and evolve.

You can visit my store by clicking this link.


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