June 7th, 2012

Daily Digest – The Real EX-Housewife of NYC


As usual, Jeel Zarun is running around stealing thunder left and right wherever she can. Just when you think she can’t possibly keep up this maniacal juggling act of full-on crazy mode, she proves to have the endurance it takes for the long haul. Most D Listers would have crashed/burned and been admitted to a hospital for “mental exhaustion” by now (code words for fame addiction lost and replaced with alcohol and prescription pill addiction). Let’s run through the madness since the Premiere of the new season of the Real Housewives of NYC, minus Jeel Zarun. Except she’s basically the main crazy person everyone’s talking about. Allegedly of course.

Last night, Jeel took to Facebook to do a poll with her followers. The question? “Which was your LEAST favorite new housewife tonight?” The kind of question any person might wonder if fired and replaced on their hit TV show, but certainly not ask in a public forum! Unless of course they had a major axe to grind. (Heather Thomson was voted LEAST favorite new housewife by a landslide in case you were wondering. So if Heather isn’t asked back next year, I wonder who we could find as her replacement?)

Then Jeel posts this friendly “Welcome!” panel on her website (below). Strange mostly because we’re all thinking, why would JZ ever wish her replacements success on their new show? Unless there was some other motive, like sucking up to build alliances, all leading to her return to the Real Housewives of NYC. Pretty much every other fired Housewife in history has just gone on with her life. They certainly wouldn’t do a public congratulation. (Thanks to RoxyMusic1979 on Twitter for sending me this screen capture!)

Jeel also posted a public “Thank You” to Iguana Angel for her honest, yet truthful portrayal. Thank you for this very special blog interview. You have proven to be one of the FEW honest bloggers out there that will write what needs to be said..even if it is painful to read. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..ILANA STYLE.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. But we’re also entitled to laugh at your opinion! I actually enjoy reading some of Iguana’s posts, esp. when they don’t go ON AND ON about how much everything and everyone in a certain reality show suck beyond belief. You can read her post here.

Jeel told WetPaint that she went to Countess LuMann’s Premiere Party to “surprise her.” RadarOnline has a totally different story. They’re claiming that Bravo execs were there, and it was “very awkward.” “She wasn’t invited, wasn’t on the guest list, and just totally crashed the party! She walked in like she owned the place and said she was only there to congratulate LuAnn,” the eyewitness recalled. “People were trying not to look at her, but she really made it awkward for everyone.”

It’s probably a mixture of the two. Jeel and LuMann maintain their friendship. So LuMann likely gave a polite invite thinking (hoping?) Jeel would decline. Then Jeel just showed up. And since no one knew she was attending, all the Bravo producers that had washed their hands of her, found themselves standing around at a party trying to locate hiding places. (Behind that plant? Can we just hide in the bathroom until she leaves? Someone knock three times on the door when she’s gone. We’ll just smoke some crack in here while we wait. Allegedly.)

ChicagoTVChick on Twitter mentioned to me, it’s like that person who graduates high school and starts college. Then comes back to hang out in the parking lot after class with their younger friends. You know the type. They’re embarrassing themselves and no one wants to be the one to tell them. And they would be in complete denial even if you did tell them. So nobody says anything.

Jeel asks the new Housewives to feel free to “DM” (direct message) her on Twitter. “It was time for a break,” she also added. Does she know this is more than a break? When you take a smoking break, generally you go back to work. This isn’t so much a rest/recovery period, as a permanent condition. **dramatic pause** Unless?

Jeel thanks Countess LuMann on her Youtube account by posting this plug from the Wendy Williams show. If you say ANYTHING nice about Jeel, she will tell EVERYONE!

A rundown of other Real Housewives and assorted news.

Danielle Staub filed for bankruptcy.

Kim Zolciak is releasing her own line of wines. Now if she would only release her own line of cigarettes, we’d be set. And not those lame electronic ones either. There is also a rumor Sweetie is now back working for Keem again. We all know Sweetie will be calling in sick when Keem starts moving into her next new dream home.

Gretchen Rossi's heels, more interesting than a photo of Slade.

During the Reunion which was filmed yesterday, a cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County “attacked” Andy Cohen. We don’t know if it was verbal or physical, or which Housewife (or House Husband). So in summary, we know nothing. But we can safely assume something crazy probably went down. Could it be Slade Smiley? RadarOnline says Bravo is looking to unload him from the series. Could just be coincidental timing, or wishful thinking on my part.

[Some photos by PR Photos]


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