June 2nd, 2012

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Andy Cohen, Book Signing at Queue Bar in Las Vegas today. Book: "Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture"
Andy Cohen, Book Signing at Queue Bar in Las Vegas today. Book: Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture

This entry should be titled TGIS – It’s probably Saturday already where you are.

Let’s start with some ratings. Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, the Kim Zolciak show, got 2.026 million viewers for Thursday night’s big hair reveal. (Up from 1.233 million viewers last week. Which were fairly decent numbers for a Bravo show. But over 2 million viewers is through the roof.) Those numbers are obviously inflated because of the curiosity factor, so I expect them to drop. But they could return back to this level once Kim finally walks down the aisle. Esp. if her mother starts doing crazy things at the wedding.

I think there was a collective pause when Kim revealed her real hair, since it basically looked exactly like her wig hair, but shoulder length instead of hip length. Followed by a collective “Her hair looks good? Why does she wear those damn wigs?” It seems like it would just be easier to go au naturel with maybe some hair extensions. You know, like all the other Real Housewives. There was even some whispering on Twitter that because it looked pretty much the same, she was wearing a wig under her wig. Which leads me to believe, maybe if there’s a Season Two called Kim Ever After, they could reveal what’s under the wig under her wig. For the ratings of course. I think many people were like me, they were expecting sparse hair, really short, maybe some gum stuck in there, and probably some bald patches. So we were all stunned into silence when she basically looked as good, or better, than with the wigs.

Kathy Griffin’s new show got 797,000 viewers this week. (Up from 744,000 last week) Probably helped from Kim’s big jump in viewers. I personally think she finally found her groove with this show. And it’s actually funny. Now if she can just maintain and build from here. At first I wasn’t sure if this show could make it. But now I’m moving it into the “hopeful” category. This Facebook skit from last night was hysterical:

Why are the regular supporting characters in reality TV shows often the most interesting? The family members, friends, co-workers and completely random people. Is it possible real people are just as interesting as fake people?

Last night was the big “Facts of Life” Reunion on Watch What Happens Live. So big in fact that it got a MEASLY 715,000 viewers. In other words, some people who were asleep and accidentally left the TV on, actually woke up and turned the channel. This much-anticipated episode wasn’t exactly what any of us were expecting. Andy Cohen had been teasing us about this for weeks. For some reason, I was expecting at least four cast members (No Jo, Edna Garrett or Blair?), but we were served Mindy Cohn (Natalie, who now appears to be channeling a lesbian Renee Zellweger and Kim Fields (Tootie, who appears to have stolen Whitney Houston’s weave, circa “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”).

Oh no you didn't.

Mindy was asked if she’s the godmother to Brangelina’s children, and she “plead the fifth.” Translation, yes, I am the godmother but I shouldn’t be talking about this. Overall, some great trainwreck TV with complimentary awkward moments on the house.

Adrienne Maloof and Blandi Granville — Twitter war!

Jeel Zarun got a huge opportunity: “Is being an ex wife is more profitable than being housewife? Just got huge offer to get a few ex wives together from Any city for appearance” she Tweeted. I take this to mean, bring Kelly Bensimon and Alex McCord. The other Housewives are probably not big enough D Listers or wouldn’t do it for various reasons (i.e., dignity, self respect, don’t want to destroy their lives, learned their lessons and moved on, etc.).

When asked what JZ thinks about her replacements on the Real Housewives of NYC, she says “I met @AvivaDrescher and she is lovely and classy. We were told the reunion was too “dark and mean” so they needed a change.i expect the ladies arent supposed to bring drama like old days?” Apparently JZ hasn’t seen the new promos, as they are full of drama and some of it even looked mean.

Always the lady, Countess LuMann says “What other dirty tricks do you have to pull out of your Pinot filled ass?”

Who needs matching boobs?

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