May 31st, 2012

Wednesday Recap – Daily Digest


Jeel Zarun continues her slide downward into complete madness. So you’re probably saying, just another day in the life? Jeel is rejoicing on her blog today because of a miracle. She heard the word eBay on Law and Order, and it was a sign. Because the word eBay is so rare, it’s right up there with the word “the,” you just don’t hear much of it. Anyhow, because there were THOUSANDS of requests for Jeel to give money to charities, she is establishing a trust fund. She’ll put all of her old outfits from past episodes of the Real Housewives of NYC up for sale on eBay. To coincide with the start of the new season of the Real Housewives of NYC. Did I mention she is no longer on the show? Somehow Jeel will continue to make this new season all about her, minus the $500,000 salary she would have received had she not been canned. All for charity of course. Has nothing to do with a huge fame grab.

Speaking of eBay, yet another miracle. Taylor-Shana Armstrong had to settle up a debt by handing over her $250,000 engagement ring. The new owners of her ring hope to get a quarter million dollars by selling it on eBay. They obviously haven’t used eBay much, because a used ring barely gets a fraction of the appraised value. I seriously doubt they’ll be seeing a final sale value of $250k. Some lucky bride out there might be getting a ring with a very colorful past. Gentlemen, if you’re buying this for your future wife, just make sure you don’t mention where you bought it and who used to own it.

Kathie Lee Gifford is probably hiding under a dark musty rock at an undisclosed location today. She made the biggest, most horrifying gaffe since Joe Biden asked a guy in a wheelchair to stand. Kathie was interviewing Martin Short and starts talking about his now deceased wife, thinking she is still alive. And she just kept talking and talking. Martin obviously didn’t want to mention her death because of the excruciating awkwardness the revelation would create, so he played along. Then after Kathie was told his wife died, she had to come clean on the air. Better to just deal with a serious case of “foot in mouth disease” in the early stages and quickly try to move on with your life.

A clip has been released of Bethenny’s upcoming talk show. (Going quickly from her reality show Bethenny Ever After right into the talk show starting June 11 on Fox) The show pretty much operates exactly the way you would expect.

I know how you all get so excited every time you hear about a new Real Housewives product launch. Adrienne Maloof has a line of skincare products coming out in June and a line of LED lit “OMG Cases” for iPhones. Can I get some freebies here? I promise I won’t stop talking about it.

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