May 26th, 2012

Thank GOD It’s Friday! Daily Digest


We survived another week!

Kim Zolciak’s “Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding” had 1.233 million viewers this week, trending somewhat downward. But that’s still pretty decent numbers for a solo show on Bravo. Especially compared to Kathy Griffin’s show with 744,000 viewers. Bethenny Ever After had 1.138 million viewers (average Bravo ratings for a non-Real Housewife franchise show). So it’s feasible Bravo could find a way to give Kim her own solo show, along with her appearance on the Real Housewives of Hotlanta. And Bethenny is off the roster with her final show. It’s hard to imagine Kathy’s show will stay on the air much longer unless she can start delivering some miracles. And after watching Rosie and Oprah struggle lately, pulling yourself out of a losing cycle seems hopeless. Will she be forced into celebrity guests to save the show? I’ve only seen Kathy’s show once or twice. And there’s something wrong with the format. It’s working against her. We’ve been trying to figure this out on Twitter but our theories are inconclusive. It might be one of those situations, they’re trying so hard to make it work, that it’s “overwrought”. Kathy tends to do best when she’s REACTING against something, rather than “hosting.” Maybe she needs more situational situations.

Jeel Zarun has launched into what amounts to as a Twitter campaign asking her followers to contact Bravo about bringing her back to the Real Housewives of NYC. “Thank u!bravo said it was fans who wanted a cast change it is is up to all of you to tell bravo what you want for next season, if rating go down they might consider bringing back some of original cast.”

“If the ratings go down.” She’s already planning for the inevitable ratings decline, since the ratings were only great because she was on the show? Something tells me JZ would be willing to re-join the show even if the ratings improved.

Of course right after JZ made this announcement, Rob Shuter at Huffington Post found out from a Bravo “insider” that it’s highly unlikely they would ever bring back Jeel, Kelly or Alex.

“The new season of ‘Real Housewives of New York City,’ which kicks off June 4, is going to be amazing and everyone is going to just love the new ladies,” said a Bravo representative, referring to new additions Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson.

“First of all, the new season is going to be huge,” another source at the network told me. “Our audience is going to love the new ladies. It is, without doubt, the best season we have ever seen. We are expecting huge ratings and, even if ratings drop, which they won’t, there is zero chance to bringing back any of the old cast members.”

Apparently the only person who thought there was a chance Bravo would come crawling back to Jeel was Jeel herself.

BEWARE: Don’t let Asslee rent a room from you! (Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter from the Real Housewives of New Jersey) The most annoying secondary “character” to ever appear on a reality TV show, Asslee Holmes, has had some roommate troubles. It’s hard to summarize this story without just reading through the whole thing. So click here to read it at Stoopid Housewives. Basically, Asslee moved to L.A. to pursue her dreams. And of course, things didn’t work out as planned because she’s annoying and lazy. And self centered with delusions of celebrity grandeur. And I’m saying this because like everyone else, we’re all just a bunch of HATERS who don’t know what we’re talking about. She even promised to quit Twitter because of all the haters.

Anyhow, Asslee got kicked out or something for not paying the last month’s rent or any of the bills. And the roommate won’t give her mattress back. Ah, the drama of being a mega superstar with such commoner problems. The most curious part of this whole story is that while all of this is going down, Asslee interjects that she’s working on her new clothing line. Say what? She’s a fashion designer now? A fashion designer without a mattress. You know, because the Kardashians did it successfully, it can’t be that hard for a Z List non-celebrity with no fashion experience (other than liking fashion) to design, produce, market, distribute a successful breakout clothing line. She’ll certainly be able to put those years of working at an imaginary fashion house and the imaginary degree in fashion design to good use. Asslee, just give up this delusional fashion line before you waste another second. Stop being whiny and lazy, get over yourself, take some time to reflect. Give people a reason to like you for once.


  1. Elle_goblue

    Excellent format and news. Thank you!

  2. Lori flack

    I rather feel sorry for Ashes though…her parents are shallow people (especially her Dad).

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