May 24th, 2012

Thankless Thursday – Daily Digest


Hey Bitches! Love ya Teresa – NOT.

Melissa Gorga proves she’ll attend the opening of an envelope. So if your kids are opening a lemonade stand, or you’re having a church bake sale, schedule your event with Melissa before she rediscovers her D List standards.

Rumors of a Bethenny divorce? Bethenny won’t confirm or deny, you’ll have to wait until her new talk show where she’ll share everything. Seems like “We’re happier than ever. We have our issues but there is NO divorce” would be a better response. Unless of course, you’re actually divorcing and need a bigger platform to hash through every minute detail for the ratings. Allegedly of course.

We find out the sex of Briana’s baby – if the wedding cake is blue, it’s a boy. If it’s pink, it’s a girl. It’s green! Vicki Gunvalson won’t be happy if this baby turns out to be an alien.

Every couple of weeks, it seems like Jeel Zarun explains why she has so many haters – it’s because they’re PAID to hate her! Except nobody can ever figure out why anyone would want to spend money to make JZ look so bad, when she clearly does such a great job at it herself. I have to ask, does Jeel really believe someone out there is paying bloggers money just so they’ll write bad things about her? Or is this some sort of distraction to confuse people? Because there is almost no one more involved in pointing out every single Jeel Zarun misstep than me. And not ONE SINGLE PERSON has ever offered to pay me to write an anti-JZ story! Which is a shame! I always welcome payment, I’ve always just done it for the love of the game. Can anyone out there provide evidence that one blogger has ever written a “hate” story about Jeel Zarun after being paid by a third party specifically to trash talk her? It certainly can’t be possible that Jeel Zarun is a complete tragic trainwreck, and pretty much everything she ever does makes her look bad in a written, audio or video format.

Kim Zolciak carries a wooden spoon in her handbag in case she needs to smack one of her daughters upside the head.

A report says that Adrienne Maloof of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is selling stories to the tabloids. Then it says she’s paying for the stories. Well, which is it? Personally, I think after you make your first couple million dollars, what the tabloids pay for a story is chump change. Remember when Lisa Vanderpump denied selling stories to RadarOnline? (Of course she wasn’t selling stories. She’s loaded. If anything, she was probably giving away free stories for the fun of it. Allegedly of course.) People who go to tabloids as a source of income are generally broke, that’s why they’re doing it. Or they have an axe to grind.  Whatever money a Housewife could make from selling a story to a tabloid would probably cover the cost of one cute outfit. In other words, not worth their effort.

“Philanthropist” and future Real Housewife of NYC Aviva Drescher calls Sonja Morgan an alcoholic. Not exactly the kind of thing a chronic philanthropist would utter about a fellow cast member.

Speaking of the Real Housewives of NYC, here’s their new show intro.

What do you think about Hotlanta Housewife Kandi’s new gigantic weave?

Wine racing is a new sport for the summer Olympics.

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