May 23rd, 2012

Hump Day Rundown – Daily Digest


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Bethenny introduces the first “Girls Gone Wild” style Skinnygirl Cocktail commercial. I’m kind of thinking they aren’t targeting men with this campaign.


There’s talk of a Teresa Giudice spinoff, which I’ve been saying they should do for like a year or two. Now that Bethenny and Kim Zolciak have carried solo shows, I think we might see more of this in the future. As long as the original shows aren’t cannibalized. Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren is officially engaged to her bf Vito. This means we’ll probably have a wedding arc coming down the pipeline. And since she’s getting married, she can quit those silly diets single people have to endure! Ham for everyone!

Countess LuMann loves to throw around the fact she’s a NURSE. And I love how weird she sounds saying it. Yes, it’s the summer and I’m kicking off the summer with Miracle House. It’s a really fun event and it’s a great cause. Being a nurse I care about finding help for people in New York who need treatment and need to bring family members in, and Miracle House provides them with housing. I have nothing against real nurses, you know, the ones actually caring for patients, dealing with bed pans, giving shots, working grueling hours, saving lives. But let’s be honest. If I were dying of a heart attack on a plane, LuMann would probably call 911 and wouldn’t have a clue what to do. She probably hasn’t worked in that field or been in a nursing classroom in decades. And there is almost no reasonable scenario I can possibly imagine where she would EVER end up working in a hospital, unless it was a guest spot on General Hospital.

Jeel Zarun claims the Real Housewives of NYC destroyed her friendship with Bethenny. It really had nothing to do with her petty, vindictive behavior. “Our friendship made me smile until the show tore us apart like tearing up other cities,” Jeel says. Bethenny says in response – nothing.

I can tell right now that Jeel is beginning to come unhinged with the new season starting, MINUS someone very important, herself. She will either say nothing and lay in bed for months with her chubby chihuahua (big boned, sorry). Or spend a lot of time thanking Bravo for giving her that “platform” in previous years, pretending to love the new show (in hopes of being asked to return next year). Or be utterly destroyed week after week, inserting herself into every plotline that has nothing to do with her. Or all of the above. We can only hope she does all of this and much, much more. If she descends into complete and utter madness, I’ll of course be here with the play by play and lurid details.

Yesterday I talked about how Blandi Granville’s latest press photos were so obviously staged to look like she was “caught” unaware at a cabana. So you Tweeters called her out on it, and she ADMITTED she staged it! What kind of celeb doesn’t even try to lie her way out of something like this? “For the haters talking about my bikini pics being set up, yes I was paid for them by an aussie mag, who cares…” Blandi says. Haters Gon’ Hate!

Meanwhile, KKB (Kelly Killoren Bensimon) is being BULLIED for being on a reality TV show that ran in the past, then complaining because they do reruns of the show, and you know, she looks like a raving lunatic in the footage. Yet KKB called the Real Housewives an “Amazing platform” and says “Yes, I have dealt with some very unstable people in my life. Always be nice.” (Stare in the mirror much?) By amazing, she means “Totally destroyed my reputation and made the entire world think I’m the craziest nutbag to ever live.”

There was a fire in Kim Zolciak’s garage today after a 4-wheeler caught fire. Don’t worry, her wigs are fine.

And last but not least, all kinds of Bethenny rumors flying around today.  Bethenny and her Skinnygirl business partner Matt Hesse are allegedly getting romantical. And Bethenny and Jason have allegedly consulted with divorce lawyers. I’m not sure I believe any of this, but we’ll see.



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