May 23rd, 2012

Tuesday Rundown – Daily Digest


This is a test posting to see if an idea I have will fly in reality. The idea is to post what I’m talking about on Twitter each day, including the links. Then everyone has all the stories in one location and has the ability to comment. This also allows me ramble on for more than 140 characters if I should feel the need, which I often do. I’m very needy. For incoming viewers on the web, you can follow me on Twitter at rawveggies. Keep scrolling down past this Countless photo for the links.

LuMann de Lesseps – Photo by PR Photos

Dog the Bounty Hunter AXED.

Blandi Granville is a big meanie.

“Exhaustion” in the celeb world is code for “We don’t want to talk about what really happened.” Whitney’s ex boyfriend (I guess he’s an ex since Whitney’s no longer with us, though they haven’t issued an official breakup notice) is exhausted. If I’m exhausted, I take a nap. How many of you have been EXHAUSTED and had to be checked into the hospital?

KKB (Kelly Killoren Bensimon) finds out the hard way that crazy is not easily forgotten. You can try to outrun the crazy, but it has a way of finding you.

The peak of glamor for the bedridden: Jeel Zarun – A new dressy nightgown? Where does one wear this sort of dress exactly? Pajama premiere parties?

Jeel Zarun noticed this week that old reruns of the Real Housewives of NYC are playing, in anticipation of the new season. (The one she won’t be on.) She’s excited because it’s almost like being a TV star again! She reaches out to Bethenny. Bethenny responds with silence. Or she was too busy making tons of money to notice. JZ would use anything Bethenny says, good or bad, as some form of leverage against her. So saying nothing is the only way to roll.

Pristine skin: Jeel Zarun somehow ends up being the voice of reason when it comes to plastic surgery, or other miscellaneous “procedures” to fight back the aging process. Something fishy about the last paragraph in this story. Kind of sounds like Jeel was cashing in on a favor over at RadarOnline.

Blandi Granville doesn’t seem to notice the photographers (the ones she called earlier in the day and invited to take her photo) are snapping her every move. Let’s try stretching for the camera guys hiding in the bushes. Maybe pretend to read a good Susan Lucci autobiography. Pensive gazing is always a hit. Back arching in the privacy of the cabana, for the photogs she doesn’t see. “How do you photogs always find me? Oh, I called you with the time, date and location earlier today. I totally forgot.”

Fans are literally BEGGING Kate Gosselin to return to reality TV. (Allegedly of course.) You know, for her kids who miss the free trips. They’re kind of tired of being trapped in the yard like the other regular kids in the world. I’m trying to figure out where all these begging fans were during her last show. If they were watching, it wouldn’t have been canceled?

LuMann de Lesseps is a huge traitor. Alliances are being formed, friendships destroyed, lunacy nurtured. Looking forward to some Turtle Time.

Wow. My idea actually worked. We may have a new Daily Digest feature. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

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