March 17th, 2012
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Dana Wilkey Allegedly Has a $100,000 Chinchilla Couch


Not a sofa, a COUCH. Fast forward to around 3:50 to bypass all this fun charity stuff and get to the moment where the real Dana pops out for an appearance. Gotta love you some Pam.

Dana says she felt like going “A hundred grand! A hundred grand!” But changed her mind and just went “A hundred grand! A hundred grand!” instead. According to some quick research, it takes 100 chinchillas to make one fur coat. So are we dealing with 200-300 chinchillas for a sofa-couch? I don’t know. Never knew this kind of sofa situation existed. And I wouldn’t want to sit on one personally. But that’s just me. I can’t even locate a place to BUY a chinchilla sofa-couch. If this chinchilla sofa-couch truly exists, she probably secured it at one of those swanky interior design and furniture stores on Robertson in L.A.

Is something happening to Pam’s face? Why does she appear tanner, firmer, tauter and dewier? Has she had work done? $25,000 in Botox or injectables?

I have to ask. If you can afford a $100 grand sofa, can’t you just make a huge donation to the charity and bypass all this fundraising?

Footage via Splash Magazine.

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