December 29th, 2011

YM Editor Bonnie Fuller Talks to Kelly Bensimon as She Plays With Her Hair


Noted author Kelly Killoren Bensimon has a new book coming out called “I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet.” The book will be available April 24. I know, you all needed one more diet book that doesn’t work from a reality TV star in your library. And yes, there is an all-natural Gummi Bear Martini. I’m assuming the recipe will be to make a martini, then add some gummi bears. Thought I’d save you some money.

Here is the book description. I wouldn’t exactly call this a glowing overview of KKB’s life. And I’m not sure “beautiful women who have made their living on their looks” is the right choice of words. But here it is.

A healthy, energizing eating plan that promotes weight loss and optimum nutrition without deprivation or starvation, from the model, mother and former Real Housewife of New York.

Like many beautiful women who have made their living on their looks, Kelly Killoren Bensimon has figured out how to keep her body beautiful. By the time Kelly turned forty, she’d had two daughters and had done it all, nutrition-wise: eaten too little as a model, gobbled too much of the wrong things as a party girl, and fed her body just right but not-quite-satisfyingly when she was pregnant. An enthusiastic outdoorswoman and involved mom, Kelly discovered that eating—really eating—is the key. She never skips a meal, always loads up on real food—not diet products, powders, bars or fake stuff—and always eats when she’s hungry. In I Can Make You Hot!, she’ll show women who want the lean, strong, realistic but gorgeous body Kelly has how to do it. I Can Make You Hot! features:

–a 7 day diet for maximum energy at your peak times
–how to train yourself not to skip meals
–why a big carb bowl is the smartest and tastiest lunch ever
–how to lose 3 to 5 pounds fast but smart
–how to drink without sabotaging a strong, healthy body
–why some foods you may think aren’t good for a woman on a diet (carbs, dairy, eggs) are ideal
–60 recipes for Kelly’s favorites, from Thai chicken noodle salad to Gummi bear martinis

Ok enough about this book.

Here is some unseen footage probably taken earlier this year before KKB realized she was fired from the Real Housewives of NYC. Has anyone told her she was fired yet?

KKB is asked if it’s ok to “sext” men. She says it’s ok with your significant other, then descends into some crazy talk. And men are liars who share the sexts with everyone. But you can get fiesty and sext something like “I’m wearing a blue bra” to get your man primed and in the mood for lovemaking. And because some men keep the sexts forever, their children will someday see them. Bonnie Fuller plays along, possibly thinking the interview could derail at any second into complete insanity. Bonnie thinks it’s all good advice, you certainly don’t want your kids finding photos of you wearing a blue bra on your husband’s iPhone ten years from now.

How to pick up a guy in a bar. KKB says the best way to hit on a guy is to ask him about himself, because men like to talk about themselves. Or compliment the guy by saying something like “Your hair is so foxy.” (KKB then tries to hit on the camera guy who has foxy hair.) “I don’t see any reason why women can’t talk to men,” she says. Unless you’re Simon van Kempen, then no you can’t.

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