December 20th, 2011

Allison DuBois Teaches Us About Electronic Cigarettes, Slams the Real Housewives, Feels Special and Predicts You Won’t Think She’s Crazy Anymore


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Why didn’t she predict I’d be writing this story? When one tries really hard to make others believe they really aren’t Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs, generally, they end up looking even worse. It always helps to remind people why they thought you were so crazy in the first place, in case they forgot.

-Allison jokes that she’s probably the only housewife in Beverly Hills that does her own dishes.

-She is NOT Camille Grammer’s sidekick. She’s “centered.” She says Lisa Vanderpump twists her words and called her an idiot. (It was the editing that made her seem like an idiotic, crazy person, right?) She has two college degrees and has published four books, which makes her smart. Because no one has ever been to college or had a book published and been considered an idiot.

-Allison was smoking her electronic cigarette at the Dinner Party From Hell for health reasons. How did you people not understand?

-She has met Paris Hilton. We always appreciate a celeb name-drop around here.

-Allison stands firm – Kyle Richards’ marriage will destruct soon, to meet her 2-3 year deadline.

-Be careful what you ask for, because Allison is not afraid to tell you the truth about how your life might be headed towards total destruction. She’s not a yes man.

-Kyle’s psychic Rebecca – Allison thinks she is unethical. Because as you know, psychics have the most ethical reputations in general.

-She stands by Camille, but it would be nice if Camille stood up for her. Though she is adamant that Bravo would edit out anything positive.

Bravo wanted to interview her after the Dinner Party From Hell, but she declined.

-Season 2 is a little weak she says, but she wishes them good luck.

Come on Bravo, let’s give Allison her own show. Long Island Medium did really well for TLC. Think of all the drama and crazy Allison could bring to the table. You know you want to. I know I want you to.

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