September 23rd, 2011

X-Factor – My Favorite Audition of the Night – Dexter Haygood


Don’t worry, I’m throwing in some X-Factor content but I’ll be back to Bravo TV commentary soon. How many of you made a promise you weren’t going to get sucked into the emotional vortex of X-Factor tonight, but then cracked under pressure once the show got cranking with the Dexter Haygood performance?

My second favorite performance of the night was the great vocal performance by rugby coach Caitlin Koch. I really hate people who are both talented AND beautiful. I thought her singing was the best tonight, though the “performance” of Dexter Haygood ultimately won me over as best.

And of course we need a mean & bitter, yet vulnerable and slightly tragic gay guy to have a meltdown on stage. Actually, had he not blown the performance, he would have sounded slightly talented but not good enough. And never been on TV. He might be able to use his X-Factor moment as some type of a springboard to something else. Possibly a very dramatic reality TV show. With lots of emotions running high. Very Project Runway.

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