September 17th, 2011

I Found the Video. Rachel Zoe is on the News. And She Goes Totally. Full on. Bananas.


"Yes Marisa. Baby Skyler. He's in my bag. We don't need a babysitter."

This is the video (below) I saw the other night on CNN. Reporter Alina Cho innocently starts to ask a question and makes the terrible mistake of referencing Jennifer Lopez. Then our favorite android Rachel stops the reporter before she could even finish her question. Alina says “You’ve been dressing celebrities for so long, when Jennifer Lopez” – that’s all she could say before Rachel’s first “OhMyGOD!” “I still get CHILLS because I know where you’re going and I can’t even talk about it.” Yet she’s talking about it.

I pretty much expected across the board hatred for her new line. After seeing one Real Housewife after another fail miserably with fashion lines, I pretty much knew this was going to be a total flop. But the stars aligned for Rachel and she proved that emotionless robots are really the best clothing designers. The reviews have been almost entirely raving for her collection. The Bravo TV fashion curse has been broken.

Then Alina Cho just had to ask Rachel about a future TALK SHOW. And Rachel goes “full on bananas” once again. And she pretends she’s not interested, while hardly containing her excitement. “We’ll see. We’ll see.”

And just for fun, watch Rachel ignore a fan asking for an autograph. While pretending to check her cell for calls. You can tell when she starts walking into the building she is in fact an android by her robotic gait.

[Photo by PR Photos]

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