July 24th, 2011

Now Available at $9 a Bottle: A Line of Brownstone Pasta Sauce From Real Housewives of NJ’s Manzo Family


According to the Brownstone’s Twitter page, Albert Manzo was at the local New Jersey Jack’s Super Food promoting their line of sauces. The sauces are also available at North Haledon & Cedar Grove Foodtown. At a regular price of $8.99 a jar ($9!!!) but now on sale for $5.99. (2000 cases) The sauce comes in tomato basil, marinara and vodka.

You can see what the sauce bottles look like in the video towards the end.

Remember back in April when I heard Caroline Manzo was trying to push her new purse line? My response was, why is Caroline pushing handbags? Bad idea. The Manzos pushing pasta sauce? A good idea. Yes, you read that right. I think this is a good idea. Your reality TV product has to perfectly align with who you are. The best of who you are. Real Housewives fans don’t want Manzo purses, they want the same Chanel purses the Real Housewives are wearing. The fans aspire to have the same good life, not have the Manzo fashion label. The Brownstone is already established and well-known. Even people outside of New Jersey have heard of this restaurant! I think if they do this right, they might have a winner here. And I want Caroline as the spokesperson. The target audience would most likely respond well to her as the face of the product. (Strange isn’t it? You put her in front of a purse, and I get nauseous. Put Caroline in front of “the family sauce recipe” and I want to buy it. Perfect product alignment.)

A couple problems. First of all the price. Clearly they want to make money on this venture. But the money will arrive in large quantities of smaller dollar amounts. Not small sales with high pricing. I don’t know why they’re positioning themselves as a premium brand, other than it makes more money. I never got the idea that the best food in the New Jersey area was at the Brownstone. But if it’s a good sauce, $5.99 would be manageable. Even $6.99. Yes, when you’re producing small batches of a product, it’s expensive. 2 million jars is a lot cheaper per jar than one batch of 10,000 jars. The Manzos have a couple PR problems, including the fact that they’re on the Real Housewives of NJ. There is the danger they don’t have enough super fans willing to pay for their products. (Like Bethenny. She has a lot of fans that like her.) Selling locally and selling nationally are two different things. Sure there are a lot of locals who might buy the sauce, but are there enough Real Housewives fans across the country to support the brand? At $9 a jar, some fans might grab a jar once for the curiosity factor. But is it so good they’ll keeping buying?

Mail order. They need this online, even if shipping costs as much as the sauce. When I wanted to try Ramona Singer’s Pinot Grigio, well it’s not available around here. So I bought it online. If they can’t tap into a national audience yet, they can still ship out and get the chatter started.

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    Thanks Tom Morro for letting me know Al Manzo was making an appearance at Jack’s Foods today.

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    1. pidge

      the price is probably so high because it’s a small, custom manufacturing batch. They’re not at the volume where they can compete with Newman’s Own etc on price.

    2. Cherry

      I think it would be worth a try at least.


    3. Jersey girl

      Bought it tonight at local store at $5.99. Delicious marinara. But I wouldn’t pay $8.99.

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