July 13th, 2011

“A Legal Matter” – The Original “Alexis Couture” Talks About Having Her Stage Name Hijacked by Alexis Bellino of the Real Housewives of Orange County


How on Earth did an adult entertainment star ever end up in the middle of a discussion on the Real Housewives? “Jesus Barbie” Alexis Bellino of the Real Housewives of Orange County decided one day that she was going to take all of her years of work in the fashion industry, along with her degree in fashion to good use. (Ok I made up the parts about ever being in the fashion industry or having a fashion degree.) She created a company and decided to name it Alexis Couture. (Remember when she was asked to define “Couture” and she famously said: “Couture is a term put on a design, a dress, if it’s um I guess super rich.”)

Like most smart business people, Alexis didn’t bother to even check to see if anyone else had used the term “Alexis Couture” before. She just assumed that since she loved the name that it was a completely original thought. But Andy Cohen and his team at Bravo found out there was another Alexis Couture in the world. Which led to some funny “naughty teacher” clips being shown on Watch What Happens Live. The level of ridiculousness from Alexis Bellino not bothering to check to see if there was another Alexis Couture in the world made me want to get Alexis Couture’s side of the story. So here is what the first Alexis Couture has to say.

Did you ever watch the Real Housewives shows or Bravo TV before Andy Cohen mentioned you on Watch What Happens Live? If so, what shows did you watch?
I watch all of them from time to time but I mainly watch the OC wives the most because I live in the OC and have been following that show for a couple of years.

You and Alexis Bellino are so completely different it’s beyond comprehension. Now honestly, tell me what you think about Alexis? What do you think about her dress line? Would you wear any of her outfits?
We’re not as different as you may think, I was raised in a Christian home and I went to a Christian school. I have always been the wild child of the family and fortunate enough to have a family who is loving, supportive and non judgmental of my wild endeavors. I think some of her clothes are very pretty but agree with others that some of the dresses are a bit too short for the average women. Again, doing research is very important and knowing who your customer is too. U.S. Census says that a women’s size on a national average is a size 12 to 14. Not a size 3. Although she has larger sizes, not all of the designs will suit everyone. She will learn as she progresses as we all do, I wish her luck!

How did you initially find out that you and Alexis Bellino shared the same names?
I don’t share the name Alexis Couture with Alexis Bellino.  I have been published by that name in film, media and print for years and the usage of that name by others is a legal matter. I am surprised that she continues to use that name for her clothing line and should re-think her branding. I see this as a problem because I also have my own clothing line and working on a sex toy line too. For her sake, I’m not sure using my name will be good for her Christian image.

You were on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. What can you tell us about your appearance?
I appeared on WWHL June 5th. I had a great time in New York and everyone was very excited that I was there. Especially Andy!! I had the opportunity to meet Peggy Tanous and her husband. They are both very pleasant and made me feel welcome. Andy likes to serve cocktails on set too, so everyone was feeling REALLY good, laughing and cracking jokes. I would love to visit again. We had a blast!!

What kind of a reaction have you gotten from Andy Cohen talking about you on his show?

I think with any kind of publicity there will always be positive and negative. I have learned that it’s impossible to please everyone so I don’t even try. I stay focused on the positive, ignore the BS and keep it pushing. I’m happy to be a part of Bravo and thank Andy Cohen for opening the door to a whole new audience for me. I have had a lot of fun and I’m thankful for all the new people I have met and enjoy having them on this little adventure with me.
Tell us about yourself – your interests, where you’re from, some things we don’t know about you.
I am originally from Newport Beach but have lived in Seattle and the San Francisco bay area. I currently reside in the OC. My professional experience includes real estate/finance, certified paralegal, hair stylist and make-up artist, acting/modeling and fashion designing. I have a lot of interests!! I do not have any children of my own. I am of Irish and Russian decent.  I have a crazy sense of humor too. If you can’t take a joke then you shouldn’t mess with me!!

When it comes to fashion, what kind of looks or designers do you love?
I can’t say I have a true favorite. I have a wide variety of taste and there are so many designers who make beautiful clothes. I look for the best bargain and pieces that are timeless and classic. I love sexy little black dresses too!! I don’t care who makes them!!

Do you have any words for Alexis Bellino if she’s reading this? (Because she just might be!)
Definition of Couture;  Noun

1: the business of designing, making , and selling fashionable custom-made women’s clothes

2: the designers and establishments engage in couture

3: the clothes created by couture.

4: Highly fashionable.

LOL!!!! Please get it right girl!!!! We are all cheering for you!!!

What’s your most embarrassing moment EVER?
I have been in the adult entertainment industry for 20 years and have many embarrassing moments. I think they may be too Rated XXX to reveal.

Got anything else interesting you want to share? Any products to promote? Where can everyone find you on Twitter or Facebook?

I am cast in an adult cartoon series called “Tha Stoop” that will appear on the Adult Swim network. We are still in the production stages and I do not have a release date for you as of now. I can say that it is a comedy and has an all star cast of music artists, professional athletes and other adult film stars. I will be playing myself, Alexis Couture and will also be doing the voice over for the character.
I am in the process of opening a boutique that will feature my own clothing line (anyone want to guess the name?) and include adult products as well. We are very excited and will putting a new spin on how to buy adult toys. I will let everyone know how we are progressing.
There are several other projects that I’m working on but I am not at liberty to discuss them at this time but I will update everyone when I can via Twitter and FaceBook. You can follow me on Twitter @alexxxiscouture and I can be found on FB at www.facebook.com/therealalexiscouture.

Here’s some footage of Alexis from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live:


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  1. Rhetorica

    She seems sane, smart, & sweet. You sure she’s from OC? She surely isn’t a diamond in the rough; she could be sold at Tiffany’s:-

  2. allycutie

    I live in the OC too and saw the real Alexis Couture at South Coast in Macy’s. She was shopping and her and my Mom were looking at make up. Alexis is a make up Artist too and took my Mom and I to the MAC store and gave us her 40% discount she gets on make up. She is soooo nice and pretty, I want my Mom to be friends with her so I can see her again.

  3. Candace Joy

    I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis too. She certainly is a beautiful..intelligent and a very warm and witty person. The video clip certainly didn’t do her justice as she definitely looks like her photos.

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