July 3rd, 2011

Regarding Your Story Ideas, Photos, Press Releases, Product Reviews, Promotions and Other Submissions to www.TerryAley.com


TerryAley.com welcomes all reader input to influence the website content. The site is for everyone, therefore, everyone may participate. You’re the ones reading it, shouldn’t you have a say?

Because there are a lot of things being submitted that are “almost” appropriate for the site, but not quite, here are a few suggestions.

-If you’re submitting information or a press release to publicize an upcoming event, please send the information to editor@terryaley.com well in advance of the event. Preferably a few days before the event. The event should relate to the content of the website.

-The content must match the content of the website. A documentary isn’t the same as a reality TV show.

-If you’re sending dvd’s for show review purposes, make sure they are sent BEFORE the show airs.

-If you are sending photos or story ideas, make sure you include the entire “Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.” List the photographer of any photos as necessary. There should be no doubt that you have permission to run any photos or ideas.

-If you are sending “gossip” tips, you may remain anonymous to the readers. But there needs to be substantial evidence to back up any claims.

-You may request a link to your website and credit as the source of any of the above items. If you are sending letters to the editor or guest columns, your name will be posted as a byline.

-You can email interesting news items or links to editor@terryaley.com or Tweet me at rawveggies.

Some of the BEST stuff on this website has come from the readers!

Email me at editor@terryaley.com. You have permission to link back to stories in chat forums or your own blogs. Follow me on Twitter, username: rawveggies!



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