June 30th, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Follows up to her Classic Skinny Girl Margarita With the New White Sangria Cocktail


Click here to view a photo of Bethenny with a bottle of her White Sangria. Of COURSE I’ll be doing a taste test review the second I can get ahold of a bottle. For “research” purposes. If you’re in Ohio of all places, it’s apparently now on sale.

I noticed the new name of the line is Skinny Girl Cocktails. PLURAL. That’s plenty of room for an entire line of products you can drink without any mixing involved, get a buzz and feel 50% less guilt with half the calories of a regular cocktail. In the meantime if you just can’t wait to try a Bethenny Sangria, the recipe is listed on her website.

In other “adult beverage” chatter, Ramona Singer is chugging along with her Pinot Grigio. It seems like she’s signing bottles of Pinot every other day in liquor stores all across the NYC area.

Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is even working on her own line of wine. She told the NY Daily News she might call her new wine Fabullini:

As she pours me a glass, she proudly boasts that it’s actually her husband’s own homemade vintage. “We’re starting a new business with wines,” she explains with a wide smile. She swishes her straight raven locks behind her shoulders as her deep green eyes sparkle in the dim light. “I’m thinking, Fabullini − what do you think?”

Would you drink Juicy Joe Giudice’s homemade brew, I say with a sparkle in my eyes?

[Photo by PR Photos]

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  1. OHIO

    “Ohio of all places” eff off
    Ohio rocks

  2. How odd that she wouldn’t debut the cocktail in her home territory! Awaiting the taste test review 😉

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