June 21st, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Award-Winning Television



Now that’s something I never dreamed I’d type. No one watches the Real Housewives for their level of quality. It’s not like they’re running reruns on PBS. I have a severe aversion to mediocrity. I either like things so bad they’re good, or so good they’re great. And usually I like the Real Housewives because they’re so bad they’re good. Now the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillbillies TIED for best reality show at the Critics’s Choice Awards. (Never heard of them. But hey, you take what you can get.) Granted, the Hillbillies tied with HOARDERS. A show that could probably be filmed in my office. Not exactly the first thing I think of when someone utters the words “award recipient.”

But let’s face it. Beverly Hills is clearly the top Real Housewives franchise. It has everything, and more. It has excess, drama, celebrities, good RATINGS and a lot of cash being spent on ridiculosity. RadarOnline isn’t constantly running stories about home foreclosures and everyone going broke. And most importantly, it has Lisa Vanderpump, arguably the second most popular Real Housewife behind Bethenny Frankel.

Congrats to the show for being the first Real Housewives show to actually win something!

[Photo by PR Photos]

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