June 10th, 2011

Real Housewives of Orange County – Vicki Gunvalson’s Husband Donn – How He Found Out About the Divorce!


You gotta love THIS! Bravo TV springs a secret interview taken of Donn as Vicki watches in HORROR during the filming of the Real Housewives of Orange County REUNION special! Vicki is the ultimate control freak, and as they say, paybacks are HELL. So Donn doesn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus.

Then we get to watch Vicki’s face with an inset video. And THEN, Vicki AGREES with everything Donn says! I have to give her credit for seeing the truth and acknowledging it! And notice how Tamra gets pulled into this mess and has a Ramotional moment! “I was an ice. Berg.” Says Vicki.


  1. Just Kathy

    Vicki seems to be a basically intelligent woman, although a VERY selfish and WAYYY OVERLY self-centered bitch, control freak, and I believe her insecurities have led her to be a workaholic. Out of all the women on the show, past and present, and she chose greasy, slimy Tamra (this is how she appears on TV – too much greasy make-up, hair all fritzed out, lips overly “greased”) to be her friend. Good Luck! Tamra needs to get some education and awakening on “REAL” life!!! Back to Vicki…she also needs to admit that she pushed Donn away, seldom made eye contact with him, and WHEN did she ever put her arms around him, or attempt to pull him closer to her in any way??!! She is the REAL loser all the way around.

  2. maryam s

    vicki said that tamra was the only friend she could really count on??? that is SAD and SCARY! while vicki may be intelligent in her business ventures she surely doesnt know how to handle relationships and THAT she should really “work” on. i still feel sorry for donn and the way he was treated and dumped.

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