June 8th, 2011

The Kim G vs. Andy Cohen – The Twitter Smackdown [Filed Under Bravo TV and the Real Housewives of New Jersey]


(Click here to locate Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen on Twitter – That’s probably the real reason you landed here.)

I’m sure many of you already saw some of this happening on Twitter and were wondering exactly what the deal was. Let me see if I can explain what appears to have happened.

The Sixth Annual Made in NY Awards were hosted last night at Gracie Mansion in Manhattan.

They were honoring A Lister Matt Damon, the founders of Foursquare and some other people you haven’t heard of.

In attendance to the event were numerous Real Housewives, mostly from the Real Housewives of NYC franchise. And Bravo TV‘s Andy Cohen. And Kim G’s PR person Tom Murro. Sounds perfectly innocent so far. Let’s look at some photos.

Jill Zarin trying to Skweez into this photo opp with Tom M and Matt D. Am I imagining it, or does Jill Z appear to have new teeth? Zoom in closer if necessary.

Photo by Steve Mack


Tom M, Sonja M, and Sonja M’s ample bosums:

Photo by Steve Mack

And everyone together for one big group photo:

Tom M, Sonja M, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYC Comm. of Media/Entertainment Katherine Oliver, Jill Z, Nurse LuAnn de Lesseps and her lover Jacques – Photo by Steve Mack

Then Tom M and Andy C are engaging in some chitchat, getting a photo taken, etc. etc.

Photo by Steve Mack

Here’s what Tom says about the conversation that followed after this photo was taken. (Remember, Tom does PR for Kim G)

“We posed for a nice pic together, started chatting, then he went into pompous douche mode, acting as if Kim G from the Housewives of NJ didn’t exist, and all the while knowing my relationship with her. I was talking about her blog on our site and the fun we have at parties we go to. Andy said Kim G who? “Is there really a market for Kim G?’ I said, of course there is, if not, then why have her on the show? [The Real Housewives of NJ] Of course, wherever there are Housewives, there is always drama. I phoned Kim from the party and these are her harsh tweets from last night.”

Kim G Tweeted:

–Hey Tom, get burnt on any flames tonight? Flying home with my jewels, having sweet dreams” and not about u know who. Goodnight!
if the “flaming” guilty shoe fits, then WEAR it!!!
–Glad to be in Vegas dripping in “Real Diamonds” and not with Tom Murro @ Made iin NY Event with that DB A.C. JO.
–Andy, stop being a flaming A…hole!!! There r birdies all around. Is there really a market for ….????

Andy C Tweeted back:

–I know you of all ppl have a better sense of humor than that kim g!


Andy Cohen – Executive VP of Original Programming and Development for Bravo TV – shouldn’t he be schmoozing and deal making instead of getting catty and deal breaking? Telling a person’s publicist is like telling a person’s spouse or mother, delicate is always good. But email me Andy if you want to throw in your side of the story. (He won’t. But why not keep the door open?)


Tom also had a bit of a talk with my favorite “love to hate” Real Housewife Jill Z.

“Chatted with Jill about my buddy Kim G. She asked if Kim was married. I said she’s happily separated from her husband and they have a great relationship – too much money to figure out the split.  I mentioned that Kim was in Vegas at a jewelry show and Jill asked me if Kim G flew private because she does. [Jill flies PRIVATE?] I said no, she flies 1st class and would rather spend the 40k on jewelery.”

Thanks to Tom Murro at www.celebritymagnet.com for sharing the details. And the photos were taken courtesy of photographer Steve Mack.

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  1. PStar

    Jill does look like she is trying to squeeze into that picture LOL! But I follow her on Facebook and she actually does have several pictures with Matt Damon from that night.

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