May 24th, 2011

Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County – How Many Donns ARE There?


We all know Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Donn completely went kaput over the last year. Vicki’s house in Coto de Caza house is on the market for $2.6 million, and my Lake Havasu spy tells me Vicki’s vacation home is also on the market. It was a bit of a shocker when Vicki tearfully admitted this week that she and Donn hadn’t had “marital relations” for two years! Yea, that love tank hit empty in the spring of 2009!

And some interesting stories have been showing up lately that make me ask, how many Donns are there?

First there’s the original Donn. The one she renewed her vows with last year (but didn’t reconsummate them? Or they did and it was exactly two years ago, and they never did again. Reconsummate is a word I invented to describe a honeymoon the second time around.)

Then remember a few weeks ago when Vicki and Tamra were in Cabo? This is the scene where Tamra is slamming down body shots on the pool bar. Wooohoooo! Meanwhile, Vicki bumps into a man in the pool that is referred to as a “Donn lookalike.” Refer to this photo to jog your memory. There was clearly a little – dare I say – sexual tension between these two lovebirds. But we just assumed they left this vacation and no digits were keyed into any cells. Why would we think otherwise? Celebs don’t hook up with middle-aged guys in Cabo pool bars for deep meaningful relationships. Do they?

Fast forward to this last week. Vicki is photographed and featured in InTouch with a man named Brook Ayers who is yet another Donn lookalike. Vicki certainly has a type, it’s very specific and when she finds it, she grabs hold! But I have to ask, is this a third Donn lookalike, or is this the same guy from Cabo? What are the odds Vicki met Brook Ayers in Cabo and he just happened to live in L.A.? Did he make a special trip to spend time with Vicki? All of this is certainly curious. What do you think? Exactly how many Donns are there???

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  1. Christine

    I totally agree with your assessment of the multiple” Donns!” I believe she did not just randomly bump into a “Donn” in Cabo. When I saw these pics of him, the first thing I thought was “that’s the guy from Cabo.” I think this is the reason Brianna is sooo pissed at her for what she has done to the real Donn. Bad form Vicki…you’ve really disappointed me!

  2. Mike

    If you pay attention to what Donn said in Part 1 of the reunion show, he basically busts Vicki for spending an increasing amount of time away from home during the last year…lots of late nights at work…..longer and longer business trips with fewer and fewer phone calls to home. He goes on to say that it seemed to him Vicki wanted out of the marriage. IMHO, what Donn described is text-book CLASSIC behavior of a cheater. I think she’d been having an affair for quite a while and used work and work-trips as an excuse and opportunity to hook-up. The hot-tub-Donn-look-alike in Cabo was no coincidence…..it’s Brooks, her new boyfriend and she no-doubt pre-arranged him being there.

    While we’re busting Vicki, does anyone else think she looks like 20 miles of bad road on the reunion show……her skin looks someone beat it with a tenderizing mallet. Time for a visit to the plastic surgeon I think.

  3. kodiac33

    Well. lets just say that if it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck–way too many co-incidences. If you put every thing else ahead of your marriage–bye bye marriage. Everything was more important than Donn–job.money,trips,social life,slumming with Trashy Tamra(wow-there’s an example of of lady-like behaviour!) Poor Poor Vicki- Please-be an adult-have some class-stop wearing dresses up to your butt,screaming”woohoo” and associating with women(Tamra) who are only looking for a cash cow to cover their tasteless clothing habits–you know better-even your children know the real story–stop lying to yourself.

  4. SunshineDeid

    I read somewhere that she met Brooks at an insurance something or other, so no doubt he was surely involved in her “work” getaways. Remember when she was going to where Donn’s sister lives and she very adamantly told Donn she would be too busy working to have a meal with his sister or even call her???

  5. Lesahill

    That Brooks looks older than the guy in cabo, look at the double chin?? Regardless, she looks happy!

  6. John

    It’s not another Don lookalike. It’s the same guy you saw in the pool in Cabo. This slut was cheating on Don before she filed for divorce.

  7. Tammy

    WOW!!!I am a bit behind, just watched the 1st reunion last night. I knew it! Vicki had been having an affair with the Donn “so called” look alike! What a tramp. Shame on you Vicki, you and your so called morals, no wonder why your daughter is mad and preety tired of you. Donn, you do deserve better, get yourself a looker and make mad love to her and not a cow like Vicki, she is a cow………..AND A FULL FLEDGE LIAR

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