April 27th, 2011

Real Housewives of NYC Jill Zarin Hires a Media Trainer, Slams & Compliments Simon van Kempen in the Same Breath AND Slams Twitter Users


This is a very odd “public access” style interview. See what happens when you don’t have a tripod for your video camera? I found this little gem on Youtube and I started typing in quotes and realized, this whole video is a complete mess of foot + mouth. Here are some of the Jill Zarin quotes before I got tired of typing. The first quote is something of a shocker to me.

“I am well trained, I have to say. I do have a media trainer now. Um. What was the question?”

Brilliant. And my first thought was, she really should call her media trainer and demand her money back. But we all know Jill Zarin, she only hears what she wants to hear. And if you disagree with her, she’ll steamroll right over you and tell you how wrong you are. If she actually sat down with a media trainer and took that person seriously, she wouldn’t be saying HALF of this stuff. Probably closer to 75%. Rule no. 1, you NEVER throw other cast members under the bus. (Simon) And you also don’t do that with your network and other shows on that network. (Remember when Wendy Williams said “I’m so glad the DC Housewives was canceled” and Jill replied “Oh me too.”)

Currently Jill is going three episodes in a row of the Real Housewives of NYC with only 1 minute of face time due to this trip to Australia. I can completely tell it’s driving her nuts that the show is going on without her, and all the other ladies are getting the attention. Here are a couple quotes from that train of thought:

“Australia was great. Trust me when all the crap was going down, if you were me you’d want to be in Australia. Or as far away as possible. ….First of all I had planned that trip prior to signing up for Season 4. I didn’t know if I’d come back, I really felt when I signed up for the trip in May there was no way I was coming back to the show. And I was finished with reality television….For a lot of reasons I came back….I wanted to show the audience that when I leave, that it’s not me. Because I’ve been accused of being an instigator. You know Jill Zarin stirs the pot. Jill Zarin’s the trouble maker.”

Then she gives the same speech about the liquid facelift I saw on 5 other interviews this last week. Then she does this amazing job of completely slamming Simon, then discussing how she sent a compliment about his song. Even though he talked most of the time in the song and it was completely not real. You know, the music is so dominant and pleasant that you can get over his voice. This is what you call a backhanded compliment. Kind of like “You have such pretty eyes. It’s just your crooked teeth and bad breath I can’t stand.”

Men and adults shouldn’t be on Twitter, her husband Bobby says. It’s immature and not classy. And she wouldn’t be on Twitter if it weren’t for the show, she’s too old for it. Way to rally your core social media target audience. Media Trainer my ass. Then she mentions she may or may not be back for Season 5 because of how huge shapewear line Skweez Couture will be. Let’s hope that turns out better than She by Sheree fashion.


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  1. Bella

    Jill should withhold the name of said media trainer; that person will never be hired by anyone else. Of course, it’s not the trainee’s fault. And after all, audience members have such a short memory, you know, so s’all good. For the record, here’s a back-handed compliment: “I learn so much by observing you interact with the media, Jill. Watching you is, like, the best way to learn exactly what not to say. Really, I mean that. Thank you soooo much!” 😀

  2. Let Jill Zarin be a lesson of warning for everyone! You’d think she would have made every mistake in the book by now, and learned a thing or two.

  3. Bella

    It’s not her fault; it’s the editing. Come on, now.

  4. cams

    I have to say that every time I watch Jill I end up screaming! And so do the other HW’s-just watched the reunion for example-but I think the thing to do is just stay calm and call her on her obvious self-centeredness. She is CLEARLY only about Jill and Jill’s feelings. Whatever Jill wants, Jill does, as in her “surprise” visit to St John’s, which no one but Jill thought was a good idea. Then she steamrolls thru with how the ladies hurt HER feelings, while clearly not considering anyone else’s. AND she said she ran into Kelly at the airport, so she knew that Kelly had left scary island, which was one of her stated reasons for deciding to go. How Bobby deals with this superficial, self-centered prima donna I will never understand! He seems like a decent (if passive) guy

  5. boston02127

    Well…listening to her ruined my lunch. She looooves talking about herself. God Bless that interviewer, I think I would of started smacking her with the microphone to shut her up.

  6. Abigal

    If you ever thought to yourself I hate Jill Zarin? Take a minute to check this out. She may not be your favorite, but her new line of Skweez Couture is an amazing product.

  7. BobbiNJ

    Jill’s shill can’t even spell her own name correctly! Abigal? I think that’s supposed to be Abigail…LOL!

  8. Noticestuff

    Maybe it isn’t supposed to read Abigail.. maybe it’s a dude who needs Jill’s skweeze couture and his name is A Big AL.

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