April 20th, 2011

Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen Rossi Has Been A Very Bad Girl This Week

It all started when she called her live-in lover Slade Smiley and their two dogs FAT. Monique says this means Fabulous And Thick – so I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

Then there is this makeup business deal gone south. There seems to be a positive slant towards Gretchen’s business partner, but let me take a look at this from a general perspective. Mine.

You all remember the episode a year or two ago when Gretchen and her makeup artist RonAnn Meyers decided to go in business and create a makeup line. They both invested $5,000 and placed this into a business account. It would seem they spent just under $8,000 on general business expenses, leaving $2,100 in the account. We don’t know how much money was coming in as profit or how much Gretchen was spending on expenses. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions that there were hundreds of thousands of orders and Slade was fulfilling all the orders in their living room and spending all the money. Now in terms of businesses, this is what you call a hobby business. They both came in with good intentions I’m sure, but clearly this business never got off the ground and wasn’t the multi-million dollar empire they thought it would be. Since this story doesn’t have an explanation from Gretchen, I wouldn’t assume she was up to no good here. It’s quite possible the two partners weren’t making money and the business fizzled out. And after months of sitting there Gretchen decided to pull out the $2100 and close out the account. But she may have then been unable to close the account because her business partner may have been the primary name on the account. And if you don’t check your account statements for a couple months, and the balance is cleared, you obviously get overage charges when the next account bill hits. These two business partners appeared to have lost all contact, so I wouldn’t put all the blame on Gretchen. I’m sure Gretchen wasn’t exactly an angel at every turn in this partnership, and neither was RonAnn.

It would have seemed logical that these two parties had a discussion about the checking account, but you know how these things go. Today’s brilliant idea is tomorrow’s awkward situation. So once Gretchen and RonAnn are sort of in the makeup industry and running around doing trade shows and talking to people (who cares if they’re RonAnn’s connections, RonAnn was probably exploiting Gretchen’s publicity from Real Housewives in hope that would launch the brand. It wasn’t as if Gretchen brought nothing to the table.) And since the original makeup line was going nowhere, judging from the business account balance, and an actual established makeup empire (Lady Burd Cosmetics) was willing to create a line just for Gretchen, why not go for it?  Sometimes it’s easier to do business for yourself. Why couldn’t RonAnn also talk to Lady Burd Cosmetics and get her own line? They’re just not interested? Hit the pavement and build your own empire like all the other Mary Kay’s in the world.

Now this would be a completely different story if the business was booming, they had at least a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank and Gretchen cleared out that account. This seems more like a business that never got off the ground, things sat around for a long time, Gretchen cleared out the account, overage charges accrued which she didn’t know about, Gretchen got a new makeup deal and RonAnn is irritated she’s not living the high life now.

The other story I saw floating around over the last week involved photos of Gretchen from college where she just looked “pretty” instead of “blond bombshell.” Nothing worse than getting better looking! Gretchen said she lost weight and learned how to use makeup. I once remember seeing a photo of Jennifer Lopez back in the Living Color days – she looked so average. Before she had the top hair/makeup artists and stylists obsessing over her. It’s amazing how much a good camera, better makeup and hair can change everything. That older Gretchen photo had been circulating for at least a year so I’m not sure why this is suddenly breaking news again.


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  1. MannysGrammy

    very good Terry & I would have to agree with your perspective on it all. I also don’t know why “thedirty” bothered posting an older pic of Gretchen on the bed, think they tried to make this same pic act like it JUST happened?! WHY? I think Tamara was behind all that on Dirty to take away all the dirt from herself.

  2. Debbie

    am i totally nuts, or does Gretchen’s college photo remind anyone else of an old pic of RealityZen with Jen that she had posted on her site a while back?

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