April 3rd, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s The Fairest of Them All? – The Twitter Popularity Contest – Which Real Housewife has the Most Followers?


You guessed it, Bethenny Frankel. I checked the number of followers today (so don’t yell at me when these numbers don’t remain frozen in time) for most of the Real Housewives and threw in some of the supporting, and other miscellaneous Bravo characters for perspective. Bethenny literally has 4 times as many followers as Jill Zarin. And I don’t think Skating With the Stars added too many of these followers. I always thought Bethenny caught two groups of followers, the people who watch Real Housewives, and educated career females who like to party. Which is why the Skinny Girl Margarita was doing so well.

NeNe is clearly benefiting from her Celebrity Apprentice appearance. If she could bottle and sell crazy, she’d be a rich woman. It’s not a surprise that Kandi is #3 considering she was already famous outside of the Real Housewives. The fighting and tension between NeNe and Kim may not be fun for either, but it has fueled them to the top of the list.

Andy Cohen benefits from guilt by association to all of the housewives. Teresa Giudice benefits from the constant stream of bad news pumped out by the media. And the tension between her and Danielle Staub who is no longer on their show. Kyle Richards is a fan favorite, though she hit a rough patch at the end of season 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillbillies. She could be the new Bethenny if she plays her cards right. Her sister Kim Richards is way down on the list and hasn’t used Twitter in months. I don’t blame her, there’s not a lot of love to be found in the air.

Jill Zarin has a big problem with image and she doesn’t appear to know it. If she could pull it together and do an overhaul, she could leverage herself up higher on the list. As it stands now, people love to hate her. The rest of the Top 10 is filled out with Caroline and Dina Manzo of New Jersey fame. Caroline was propelled to the top along with Teresa’s dose of crazy, thrown in with a dash of Danielle conflict. And She by Sheree benefits from being on the crazy train that is the Real Housewives of Hotlanta. Who Gon’ Check Her Boo?

Tamra and Ramona are in a virtual tie for followers. But if you think about it, they’re quite similar. Surprisingly, Lisa Wu Hartwell has almost 75,000 followers. Bravo might want to take notice of this. She might be a little Snoozeville on the show, but she has a good following.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pom Giggy has almost 26,000 followers. That’s not bad for what appears to be a stuffed animal that never moves. Camille Grammer only has about 18,400 followers. I blame this on the fact her Twitter username isn’t well known. And she doesn’t Tweet much.

If you like to follow Lists on Twitter, I have a list of all these people on my Twitter account.

Here is the full list along with the number of current followers.
Bethenny – 448,037 followers

NeNe Leakes – 341,565 followers

Kandi Burruss – 336,271 followers

Andy Cohen – 266,888 followers

Kim Zolciak – 169,123 followers

Teresa Giudice – 153,508

Kyle Richards – 131,311

Jill Zarin – 116,314 followers

Caroline Manzo – 112,820 followers

She by Sheree – 107,767 followers

Dina Manzo – 107,187 followers

Patti Stanger – 92,456

Lisa Vanderpump – 87,625 followers

Gretchen Rossi – 82,514 followers

Ramona Singer – 77,401 followers

Tamra Barney – 76,652 followers

Lisa Wu Hartwell – 74,768 followers

Adrienn Maloof – 67,439 followers

Alex McCord – 67,606 followers

Danielle Staub – 56,034 followers

Albie Manzo – 54,345 followers

Kelly Bensimon – 54,342 followers

Vicki Gunvalson – 47,656 followers

Kim Richards – 44,911 followers

Taylor Armstrong – 40,947

The Countess – 39,443 followers

Chris Manzo – 37,063 followers

Sonja Morgan – 35,549 followers

Simon van Kempen – 33,196 followers

Giggy the Pom – 25,901 followers

Camille – 18,415 followers

Marysol Patton – 15,696 followers

DeShawn Snow – 10,118 followers

Mary Amons – 9,147 followers

Lauri Peterson – 7,483 followers

Slade Smiley – 6,696 followers

Stacie Turner – 6,145 followers

Cat Ommanney – 6,093 followers

Elsa Patton – 5,872 followers

Lynda Erkiletian – 5,682 followers

Max Meisel – 4,762 followers

Tammy Knickerboker – 4,021 followers

Peggy Tanous – 2,875 followers

Rich Amons – 1,843 followers

Fernanda Rocha – 662 followers


  1. bacasam

    FYI: While appreciate the blog and information of Housewives followers, please note: Today for first time EVER I clicked Jill Zarin to get ready for NY season beginning this week, and got message saying, nope you are blocked! So perhaps ‘popularity contest’ is not best title. (still chuckling) talk about don’t get it, JZ takes the prize. Also, while Elsa is NOT housewife, think it would be interesting to add her follower numbers as in my opinion she is the best thing out of Miami series.

    • Jill Zarin only likes Yes Men. She blocks EVERYONE who says anything that isn’t totally positive, including the people you’re chatting with. Even if those people are just receiving your message. I’ll see if I can find Elsa’s name and add to the list.

  2. LynnNChicago

    Don’t forget Camille left Twitter mid-season as Beverly Hills was airing. She was getting so many negative Tweets that she shut down her account. When she finally re-opened it she had a new name and started from scratch as the season was almost over. I think she’ll surpass some of her cast mates when the new season begins to air.

    A few of these Housewives numbers would be higher if they didn’t block so many viewers, Jill is the worst and blocks at the drop of a hat but so does Dina Manzo, Kim Zolciak and Teresa Giudice.

    I don’t see Jacqueline Laurita on the list, she is so nice to fans even DMing them frequently. She has just over 100,000 followers.

    Great job Terry! Love the post! xoxo

  3. Lol what about Michale Salami I mean Salahi?

    • Wait, why did you reward LuAnn in calling her the Countess? Or is that her twitter name? Nope, just checked it’s not. Please don’t tell us you actually respect her? Please don’t, please. When she would always demand people call her Countess, I always wanted to tell her, if people respect you they will call you that, you can’t force it. I bet that would of made her make a stink face.

  4. Great post Terry. Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I’m just catching up on my Blog reading.
    I was glad to see that LynnNchicago brought to your attention what happened with camille & her 1st twitter acct. I’m glad she came back & I too, feel she will get high #’s once the new season begins.
    I’m also glad Lynn pointed out Jacqueline Laurita, she is so good at replying & DM’s (I’ve been a recipient of many). As I said before, Great post. I know it took some work & time to put it together. Great Job 🙂
    Oh yea… “Way to go for my girl @Bethenny” 😉
    …Until Next Time…
    Darlene (TweetinGrandma) xo

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