April 2nd, 2011

Lost Footage – Kim Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillbillies – The Sippy Cup Chronicles

I totally missed this lost footage on the last season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillbillies. Kim Richards has a sippy cup charity fund and a jewelry line. The sippy cup line can be found on Twitter even. The website is here.

For each water bottle you buy for $15.92 (which includes shipping and handling) you donate $1 to charity. And according to her website, in the month of July 2010, they’ll donate $5 each bottle. Fire up your time machines! Or someone got bored with this project and stopped updating the website. Did you see the look on “Garrett’s” face when Kim said “sippy cups”? “Please tell me you’re joking. And your jokes aren’t funny.” I can read a face. Then he thought, oh, she’s serious. I better go with this round of crazy before she fires me, if the charity doesn’t go under first. Except this isn’t a charity. It’s a company that wants to make real money, then donate $1 of each sale to charity. And it took 8 years to get to this point. Wouldn’t it be easier to just volunteer some of your time at the local hospital each week? You might act a lot less crazy, actually be helping people, and find you’re coherent enough to relaunch your acting career or a new book (don’t do your own wine line, trust me on this, bad idea).

Ok get this. If Kim didn’t have those water bottles, jewelry line and meetings, she’d be even crazier! (Can you imagine?) Except I can’t even find mention of her jewelry line. Maybe it’s locked safely away in the same vault as She by Sheree.

Most of the fun of this video is watch Garrett pretend (poorly) that what Kim is saying is valid. As she mumbles on about using photos of the ocean and sunsets for the background of the website (every website designer’s worst nightmare). Nothing better than feeding your toddler salty seawater in a sippy cup!

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