March 29th, 2011

The Real Housewives of New York City – Jill Zarin Does Ustream – Chapter 2 – The Passing Winds

I made one teeny-tiny change to my usual Real Housewives Fast Blast impact graphic above. And you’ll find out why shortly. I discovered that Jill Zarin is now running a low-budget version of Bethenny Ever After. By low budget, I mean no budget. She lays in a bed against a white pillow with a black leather headboard. Great for leather daddies and S&M bars, maybe not the best choice for a leading New York City socialite. However, for me, the only way this could get any better would be a bed sheet nailed to the wall behind her. Made with Zarin Fabrics of course.

When I posted my first round of Jill Zarin Ustream photos the other day, I had far more hits on my story than Jill had viewers on Ustream. (She averages around 106 viewers per session.)

I pulled up Jill’s Ustream tonight and was not disappointed. The full trainwreck was in tow. These are actual screen captures I took while Jill blabbered away tonight.

Here we go. First she starts by giving makeup tips. You can get the illusion of a facelift with the right eyeliner she explains.

Looking very refreshed and 20 years younger already.

Enough with her beauty secrets. She moves on and blurts out that the Real Housewives of Miami will probably get canceled. I bet Bravo is loving that! Something I would definitely say, but then again, Bravo doesn’t pay me. Yet.

Then randomly off camera, Jill’s delicate chihuahua “Ginger Zarin” lets go of a huge, epic….she passes wind in Jill’s direction. Which leads to complete chaos on camera for Jill, in a frenzy to recirculate and self-purify the air content using her arms. Which leads to this incredible photo series – a blessed gift from Sweet Baby Jesus Almighty.

Arms flapping every which way.

It really looks like a particularly potent one.

The cougar scarf cannot, I repeat, cannot offer protection.

Well, that was certainly awkward.

After the air settled, it was time for Jill to get to bed. Luckily, she was already in it. Then for a full minute, her husband Bobby Zarin fumbled with the camera trying to shut it off.

Jill waited patiently with a sour look.

And waited some more.

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  1. boston02127

    Dying laughing!!!! “couldn’t get any better with a sheet nailed to the headboard” ha ha
    She’s such a loser. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. icantstandthetoxicity

    OMG! This is hilarious. Jill’s Ustream videos are entertaining for all of the wrong reasons. LOL

  3. Rhetotica

    New poster! Thanks so much. I laughed so much I had a coughing fit! But I still looked better than Jill.:)

  4. indy anna

    Thanks for the laugh. Jill certainly displays her class, she must have read the Countless’s book. Actually the woman is fugly.

  5. Do you ever check out other sites? I love Stoopid Housewives and Real faux Housewives. I just found your site, and it’s very good. I’ll add it to my daily list that I go on.

  6. OMG this is so hiarious! Thanks!

  7. JJ

    I miss all the good stuff! Where can I find the video of this disaster?

  8. vv

    If you scroll down the screen grabs really fast they move.
    Just like a mini movie:)

  9. @tweatcyn

    Shits and Giggles. LMAO!

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