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Daily Digestion – Late Hump Day Edition

Btw, when I say Daily Digest, I actually mean “Whenever I feel like it Digest.” (In case you haven’t noticed.) Before we move on to the Real Housewives nonsense, I promised a couple times that I would post a p...
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Daily Digest — Should Bethenny Make a Deal With the Devil?

Bethenny’s new talk show launched last week and at first, all new was good news. The first day anyhow. What actually happened was that like many new show, a lot of people tune in for the first episode to see what all the ...
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Daily Digest — Jeel Zarun Tries to Unring a Bell

Let’s go straight to the ratings for this week’s highly anticipated episode of the Real Housewives of NYC (well, anticipated for the ratings, not the actual show). As I predicted last week, the ratings for this week...
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Noon at the Oasis